EVO 4G phone voice not coming through, calls not going to voicemail.

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EVO 4G phone voice not coming through, calls not going to voicemail. Empty EVO 4G phone voice not coming through, calls not going to voicemail.

Post by ande1352 on Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:23 am

I  just got my HTC EVO 4G a week or so ago and got it activated on the service relatively quickly after receiving it.  I was disappointed to see that the EVO 4G was still a android gingerbread device, but can live with that - if it functions as advertised.  

When sending text messages everything seems to work fine. I sent texts to several people and received some back with no issues.

When I tried making phone calls - that's when issues started. The first phone call worked fine. I was on WiFi and was able to have a normal conversation with decent call quality.

On the second phone call I called my wife while i was out running errands. I was on 4G, but when she picked up, i could hear her, but she couldn't hear me.  When I double checked the mic volume it was fine, so I'm not sure why she couldn't hear me.  Our home phone is a VOIP Ooma phone - not sure if that matters.

On the third call I tried calling my old Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone from the Freedom Phone, while on 4G connection. The call connected and I was able to speak and be heard no problem, although the call quality didn't sound too great and there was a bit of delay.

Finally I called my cell phone and let it ring so I could leave a voicemail while on 4G to hear how it sounded - and the Virgin Mobile phone never goes to voicemail. It just rings and rings and then stops ringing ending the call. I then called that same Virgin Mobile phone from our home phone and it goes through just fine to voicemail.  I tried this about 4 times to make sure it wasn't just a hiccup or bad reception.  It never did go to voicemail with the freedom phone. Has anyone else experienced strange issues like this?  

If you have had issues like this - were you able to fix them?


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