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Hey lets support this forum! Empty Hey lets support this forum!

Post by maikalwolf on Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:51 pm

If you want tons of goodness for this phone go to android forum . com (cant do a regular addy yet) and look for the phone on the list and follow it. Plenty of loving for this ugly phone(lol I'm of course partial to the Design 4g). In any case when you get to its page click "all things root" link un left hand top corner and it will take you to your roms and stuff. Remeber to back up your stuff before flashing anything as FP discourages any actions that may void your guarantees for the phone!

Admin, can you please take the time constrictions from my account? I have stuff I want to post!!!! You can check with Taylor that I'm a good guy. Miguel Lopez FreedomPop Pro on other forum!

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