Freedompop messaging bluetooth doesn't connect ??

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Freedompop messaging bluetooth doesn't connect ??  Empty Freedompop messaging bluetooth doesn't connect ??

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:49 am

did any one tried the Bluetooth with in built freedompop dialer ?? mine works with other softphone such as grooveip but not with that Sad ?? when i press the Bluetooth button , voice goes thru speaker ??


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Freedompop messaging bluetooth doesn't connect ??  Empty Re: Freedompop messaging bluetooth doesn't connect ??

Post by jlummel on Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:56 pm

Yes, I've been successful with a Jawbone ERA headset. First thing I needed to do was successfully pair the headset to the phone, turn the headset off and then do a restart of the phone (cold boot). Once it was done booting and all the icons returned to normal I turn on the headset and got the indicator that it was paired. You should only need to do the cold boot once, BTW.

When you make (or receive) a call, right below that big red button in the middle of the screen are 3 or 4 smaller icons. If you have 4, then the 3rd from the left should be the Bluetooth icon. Once you have made the call and the phone is ringing then press that Bluetooth icon to connect the call to the headset. I found I have to mess with the volume control when moving back and forth from using the headset to not using the headset.

I was moderately successful using the headset to redial and to voice dial, but had to press the Bluetooth icon on the Freedom app to connect it to the Bluetooth separately each time.

There is a setting in the Freedom app that will always route the call to the Bluetooth, but then you ALWAYS have to use Bluetooth, and it may not work for your phone (or may work differently, on mine it locked the calling app to the Bluetooth).

Using the Bluetooth headset is such a problem that I got a wired headset for use when I travel in California where it's illegal to hold the phone to your ear while driving. It is an HTC one with stereo earbuds (but can only use one earbud in California, as it's also illegal to cover both ears while driving). It includes MP3 and calling controls mid-cable, only problem is the cable is pretty short. But it sounds good on both sides of the conversation.



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